So you got distracted from your work. Again.

What if you were only ever exposed to distractions that helped you to do your best work faster?

19,198 people have listed 21,684 places on WorkSnug. Places where they get much more done than they do elsewhere.

How much time do you actually spend working when you're working from home?

By the time the flakey WiFi has let you download the report you need, your back pain starts kicking in. You sip on your now lukewarm beverage to summon some extra focus - only to have it shattered by noisey neighbours. The moment it's quietened down and you've settled into a more comfortable chair you get a low battery warning. You spend 5 minutes hunting for hidden power sockets only to discover you don't have your charger.

All that email and project work you have stacking up will have to wait yet another day. It's not like you're going to see anyone who cares about your work any time soon. Wherever you work you’re an outsider and it’s surprising how lonely that feels.

You don't really have the freedom to choose where you work.

You keep working from places that stop you from doing your best work. Is that the price of freedom? You do it because you want to spend more time with friends and family and less time commuting. You do it because you shudder at the thought of walking through the doors of a building where you can't avoid office politics. You do it because traditional employment is not for you but you don't know where else to work.

You are not alone.

You probably know a dozen people who are working from home more regularly than they used to. You wouldn't enjoy your home or your favorite coffeeshop so much if they were designed to be good workplaces and neither would your friends. Fortunately there's a fast growing movement that's providing better support for remote and lone workers like you. It's called Coworking and it's making all sorts of shared workspaces available to you. One day there will be as many different kinds of coworking space as their are different kinds of resturants today. Whereever you are, there will be at least one that caters to your taste in workplace and you'll love it.

Imagine your perfect workplace.

Just around the corner from you there could be a place where:

  • the business grade internet provides WiFi so fast you feel like you're sitting at Google's HQ.
  • the carefully chosen chairs make you forget your back was ever capable of feeling pain.
  • the drinks are free, prepared just the way you like them and you can bring your own lunch.
  • the community of people you are surrounded by go out of their way to make your work better.

What else would you want to find there?

That place probably already exists.

19,198 people have listed 21,684 places on WorkSnug that you can choose to work from. (and WorkSnug isn't the only place you can find workspaces)

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