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Are your coworkers bothering you? You escaped the world of traditional employment. But you can't escape all those emotions that get triggered when you start working in a new place.

It's not all that different from the second most traumatic experience of your life. Your first day at school. You got thrown from the comfort of your home into a cavernous building. From seeing a handful of family members everyday to being surrounded by strangers. Back then you had the support of your parents and teachers. But who's looking out for your best interests now? You've got work to do and bills to pay.

If you were a traditional employee this would be far less of a problem.

You'd have a week of induction meetings. They'd be tiring and maybe stressful at times. But your new boss and HR manager would be expecting you to take just as long as other new hires to get up to speed. You might have weeks or months to get to know your new coworkers while you gently ramp up your productivity. You'd have time learn the ways of your new company and coworkers at a manageable pace. And you'd be paid to do it.

But you are not a traditional employee.

You made the choice to change your work place. Your clients and customers expect business to continue as usual. You have very little time to get to know your new place of work and your new coworkers. How will you make the most of it?

Here's the good news

Get Better Coworkers will make the transition into your new working environment delightful. It will be faster and more comfortable than it is for your peers in traditional employment.

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About the Author

Jonathan’s been experiencing life in non-traditional workplaces since he left the corporate world in 2006. After two years of moving between his home and other workspaces he decided he needed something different. Jonathan founded The Skiff in Brighton, England in 2008 and discovered the world of coworking. The Skiff has since been through two expansions and is now home for the work of over 150 coworkers.

Jonathan started working with as a freelance web developer in 2009, later becoming CTO. He took over ownership of the site in 2015. His goal is to help everyone find more comfortable and productive places to work.

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