4 Great Chicago Coworking Spaces
by guest

onward coworking in chicagoIf you’re familiar with this blog, you’re already familiar with the idea of coworking spaces as a ‘third space’ to work. In Chicago, where I’m based as a writer, we have our fair share of co-working spaces – and the field seems to be growing larger every year with new spaces opening up.

Here’s a list of such coworking spaces in Chicago, each popular here in the Windy City. Let us know, in the comments, if there are others we should add!

  1. 1871
    Located inside the Merchandise Mart, this coworking space is known as the go-to spot for many in the tech or start-up niches. It’s known for having lots of options to mix and mingle, not too mention maybe even get some remote work done.
  2. The Coop
    Located in River North, this coworking space is one of the biggest and most established in the city of Chicago. It features a large area, varied spaces to work in both open and private and lots of networking opportunities as well with local movers and shakers.
  3. Onward Coworking
    Located in the West Loop, this one brings you beautiful loft like spaces, affordable pricing and a great location. We love the actual look and design of Onward Coworking and highly recommend it for client or remote employee meetings.
  4. Enerspace
    This option has also been around for quite some time in city of Chicago, and is a great option for big groups and or local company events. Lots of space, lots of desks and amenities along with superb networking opportunities is what you’ll find at Enerspace.

There you have it. Four great coworking spaces in Chicago you might be interested in, next time you visit this great city. Let us know which one intrigues you the most and or have tried in the past? Share your opinions with us in the comments below.

Missy Diaz lives in Chicago and writes daily for Records Ferret – an online records information resource. When she’s not busy writing for the web, she loves to bike, hike and run by the lake.

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