5 Mobile Working Predictions for 2014

Back to the Future

Happy New Year! According to science fiction, we’re just months away from flying cars, robot maids and hoverboards. But while those predictions might not come true, we’re optimistic about our predictions for the future of work in 2014.

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  1. We won’t pack our laptops.
    Last year, we let laptops and tablets duke it out in a battle to see which was the better mobile working device. Ultimately, it came down to the kind of work you do. However, in 2014, with devices like the 64-bit iPad Air, laptops are taking a bit of a beating. The latest tablets are faster and lighter than their clamshell sisters. When packing for your next business trip, will you pack a laptop or a tablet?
  2. The network will be our computer.
    The rollout of 4G/LTE had a rocky start here in the UK, but it’s here, it’s quick and, when coupled with the latest devices, it makes for a powerhouse of mobile computing. Software, like Apple’s Siri, demonstrates (not always perfectly) that, with a good connection, the heavy-lifting can be done server-side – and we predict that we’ll see more of this in 2014: Cloud-based apps where not only are files stored remotely, but some processing is handled that way too.
  3. Meetings will be smaller, quicker and virtual.
    An increase in mobile working creates just-in-time organisations – businesses that are nimble and that put-together last-minute meetings. Rather than the long-planned half-day sessions, smaller teams will get together for quick meetings in coffee shops or hotel lobbies. And when we can’t get-together in person, we’ll have more virtual meetings.
  4. BYOD will go into overdrive.
    If businesses don’t already have BYOD policies, they better start writing them: In 2014, even the world’s most famous users (David Cameron and Barack Obama) will ditch their BlackBerrys, and IT managers need to be ready to handle the switch to iOS and Android. Mobile technology will touch more employees than in years gone by, so BYOD will be an even hotter topic.
  5. We’ll wear our tech (or will we?)
    Wearable tech is atop most 2014 tech prediction lists – but will be wearing our devices by year-end? We’ve seen Google Glass, we’ve all speculated about Apple’s iWatch, but the question isn’t when but why? What is the killer app for wearable tech? For PCs it was word processing and spreadsheets, for BlackBerrys it was email. Is fitness wearable tech’s most compelling application? In 2013, this demonstration of Plantronics Voyager Legend prototype opened up a few more possibilities for us…

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