5 places to work when you don’t want to work from home

Working from home is great. I’ve been doing it, on and off, for about five years. There are times, however, when the allure of the television, the biscuit tin or the unmade bed are too much even for me. It’s those times when I pack up my MacBook in an old kit bag and look for somewhere else to work. But where?

Here are some ideas for places to work when you don’t want to work from home:

The Hub Kings Cross1. Coworking spaces. If getting out of the house is something you want to do with some regularity, consider joining a coworking space, like the Hub Kings Cross in London. It’s a nice way of working, because it puts you in the same space as other independent workers and can lead to collaboration. If you want to try it out for free, join a local Jelly event, which is like a pop-up coworking space. (Expert Judy Heminsley’s written an excellent guide to Jelly for home workers on her website.)



Leon2. Coffee shops. Taking your laptop to a coffee shop is often the easiest way to work outside of the home. It’s not hard to find coffee shops with wifi these days – and the only rent you’ll pay is in caffeine!



British Library3. Libraries. Libraries offer a quieter environment in which to work, and most have free wifi. You may have to be a member to get online, so make sure you take some ID with you, if it’s your first trip.




One Aldwych4. Somewhere fancy. If working at home just isn’t cutting it, get out of the house and work somewhere fancy for inspiration. Dress the part and work in a posh hotel lobby, and it may give you a fresh perspective on your work.



Bryant Park5. The great outdoors. If you work from home most of the time, it’s a good idea to separate your workspace from the rest of the house. You can do that physically with a garden office or be even more adventurous and make the most of the great outdoors.



Where do you work when you don’t fancy working from home? Let us know in the comments.

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San Sharma (@sansharma) is community manager at WorkSnug.

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