Being a digital nomad: Wish you were here?

If you watched the video above and haven’t turned green with envy, you’re far too tethered to your desk! The ‘Digital Nomads’ featured in the video have cut all ties to a traditional workplace in favour of working or building a business on their own terms… anywhere and literally everywhere. Sounds great, right?

And for those that represent this growing a trend, it’s a reality. Advances in technology mean a nomadic lifestyle can now accompany a thriving business and career with professionals empowered to break free from the stuffy workplaces, seize fresh business opportunities and tackle professional challenges as they travel.

Rise in Digital Nomads

A recent international survey has identified a surge in the Digital Nomad lifestyle: 74% of those surveyed have recently made a change to be less tied to a physical workplace, and almost half (45%) became bona fide ‘nomads’ in the past year.

Technology is empowering professional freedom

More than 9 in 10 professionals surveyed agreed that “technology is making it easier to work wherever you want,” and 82% agreed that “the internet is freeing us to live life how we want (versus where we need to be for work).”

The survey from oDesk, a leading marketplace for online work, also found:

  • Decreasing ties to actual offices: Of the almost three quarters (74%) who made a change to be less tied to a physical workplace, 67% became freelancers and 34% created a virtual business or team
  • Increasing happiness: Since becoming less tied to a physical workplace, 92% said they’re happier
  • A sustainable new lifestyle: Digital Nomads saw an increase in income (59%, vs. 17% with no income change after “going nomad” and 24% with a decrease).
  • A life-long change: 79% said they expect to be a Digital Nomad for the rest of their life
  • Flexible working is now a ‘must have’: 81% agreed that people increasingly expect flexibility in how they work.

Wish you were here?

Do you dream of being a ‘Digital Nomad’? Could you pack up your life with your laptop and work on the road for good? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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