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San Sharma

San is community manager at WorkSnug and editor of its blog

Recent Post: Video: Coffee Shop Etiquette for Mobile Workers

Judy Heminsley

Judy Heminsley is a homeworking expert and believer in mobile & flexible working, coworking, coffee & cake.

Recent Post: Escaping the distractions of working from home

Genevieve DeGuzman

Genevieve DeGuzman is the co-founder and managing editor of Night Owls Press, a San Francisco-based editorial services and digital publishing company for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Recent Post: 3 ways to improve collaboration for virtual teams

Arik Hanson

Arik Hanson is the founder of ACH Communications, a digital communications consultancy based in Minneapolis.

Recent Post: 7 tips for working remotely in a coffee shop

Beth Buczynski

Beth Buczynski is passionate about collaborative consumption, and the way that sharing can help improve our economy. She is also the co-author of an ongoing series of ebooks about coworking and the mobile workforce.

Recent Post: It's Bigger Than You: What Coworking Does For the Community At Large

Cora Rodenbusch

Cora Rodenbusch is a senior communications manager at PGi, a virtual meetings company, providing audio, web and video conferencing solutions to over 75% of Fortune100.

Recent Post: Digital Nomad 101: Part III – Make Your Teleworking Experience a Success

Vicky Pont

PolicyBee (@PolicyBee) is an online business insurance broker for UK freelancers, consultants and small consultancies. Find out more at

Recent Post: What kind of insurance do I need as a mobile worker?

Richard Leyland

That guy who started WorkSnug. Exiled geordie. Tryhard aesthete.

Recent Post: Twenty five thousand up – Fast-growing service for mobile workers hits major landmark

Jim Ware

Jim Ware is a former Harvard Business School professor, founder and director of The Future of Work…unlimited,

Recent Post: Knowledge Work and Place: Breaking out of 'the office'

Jessica Stillman

Jessica Stillman is a freelance writer based in London with interests in unconventional career paths, generational differences, and the future of work. She has blogged for,

Recent Post: Does Anyone Agree with Marissa Mayer?

Shirley Lee

Shirley Fine Lee has considerable training and expertise in leading effective meetings and projects, as well as training others within the corporate world to be able to do the same. Her book, "R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard's Approach" This is a must-have guide that demonstrates effective meeting planning and management. Sign up for Shirley's free productivity newsletter on her website or visit her leadership blog. Find out more about her, her books, and learning options she provides on her website at

Recent Post: Hosting a virtual meeting? Do these 5 things after your call.

Sejal Parekh

Sejal Parekh (@triflecreative) is a Director at Trifle Creative, a creative workspace design company.

Recent Post: ‘Social working’ brings a coffee shop-vibe to your office

Melanie Slaugh

Melanie Slaugh blogs for My ISP Finder, an ISP directory and discussion forums.

Recent Post: 10 Cheap Upgrades for Your Wireless Network

Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson runs Shedworking (, a daily updated guide for people who work in garden offices and other shedlike atmospheres. He often does some work in local pubs too.

Recent Post: Two Pints of Lager and Wi-Fi, Please: ‘Pubworking’ an option for UK mobile workers?

Ian Sanders

Ian Sanders (@iansanders) is an author, ideas guy and marketing expert. His new book, co-written with David Sloly is 'Zoom! The Faster Way To Make Your Business Idea Happen'.

Recent Post: ‘Zoom’ from napkin idea to business start-up

Mitch Ditkoff

Mitch Ditkoff is the co-founder of Idea Champions, a management consulting and training company in New York.

Recent Post: 100 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Your Best Ideas At Work

Francesca Geens

Francesca Green (@f_dragonfly) provides friendly and geek-free IT solutions for business owners in the UK

Recent Post: 10 apps to save you time

Neil Usher

Neil Usher (@theatreacle) is a property professional, performance poet and parent.

Recent Post: 10 cheers of solitude: Why working alone isn't so bad.

Chip Kohrman

Chip Kohrman is the founder of Telesaur, a telecommuting job site and blog. You can find him hanging out on Twitter and Facebook.

Recent Post: 3 Remote Work Tips from Steve Rogers AKA Captain America

Coral Brown

Coral Brown (@ZaraBlack5) is a London student, blogger, and working at WorkSnug over the summer.

Recent Post: 5 ways to make sure you don’t work too hard

Mark Charmer

Mark Charmer (@charmermark) is co-founder of and director of the Movement Design Bureau

Recent Post: Designing a workspace that’s “better than working from home”

Ann Danylkiw

Ann Danylkiw (@annlytical) is a London-based WorkSnug Ambassador.

Recent Post: Break out of the office – and take advantage of the summer!

Audrey Leyland

Audrey is WorkSnug's Operations Director

Recent Post: Meet Audrey, Operations Director

Georgia Artus

Communications addict. Culture lover. Foodie. Explorer. Ball of energy. Radio 4 obsessive. Founder of @totalfoodgeeks. Cantab '09.

Recent Post: 5 best coffee shops with wi-fi in Edinburgh

Avi Kaye

Avi Kaye writes for MeetingKing (, a web app that helps you manage effective meetings

Recent Post: 3 ways to manage your virtual team

Josh Erwin

Josh is a blogger for PGi, meeting experts and providers of video conferencing and collaboration software solutions

Recent Post: Coworking Spaces vs Corporate Environments

Lea Green

Lea is director of content at PGi, a provider of collaboration software that include iMeet (

Recent Post: The perfect match: coworking spaces and digital nomads

Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Blakely Thomas-Aguilar began her career as a technology expert at one of the world’s largest technology companies before settling into her true passion of content creation, collaboration and business education. She lives in Atlanta, GA, with her husband and three children. She contributes to the content strategy initiatives of PGi, a global leader in virtual meetings.

Recent Post: How to Have a Crazy Good Meeting from Anywhere: 5 Tech Tools You Need Today

David Sturges

David Sturges is Chief Commercial Officer at hosted desktop company WorkPlaceLive (

Recent Post: Trust and Security: How Sound is your Cloud?

Missy Diaz

Recent Post: 4 Great Chicago Coworking Spaces

Sara Parker

Sara Parker blogs for Face for Business ( – providers of phone answering solutions for UK SMEs.

Recent Post: 22 Big Organisations That Have Embraced Mobile Working