How to Have a Crazy Good Meeting from Anywhere: 5 Tech Tools You Need Today
by blakely

If you’re anything like me, “meeting from anywhere” means dialing an phone number into a conference bridge, toggling awkwardly on your smartphone for the 10-digit passcode and hitting the mute button so the other attendees don’t hear the airport background noise. But for us telecommuters and road warriors, you can end the insanity and have a crazy good, crazy productive meeting from anywhere.

Here are five tech tools you need today to make it happen:

1. Don’t Scrimp on the Hardware.

The average worker uses 3.5 tech devices to get the job done, so make sure your virtual work tools are the best—especially if they can help you cut down on dead tech weight. With a new round of tablets that include a keyboard add-on, contextual headsets (like this one from Plantronics®) and VoIP conference call connectivity, you might be able to get away with leaving your laptop at home.

2. Get Connected with an Enterprise App Store.

We all love Google Play™ and Apple® App Store™ for our personal lives, but what about our professional? New enterprise app stores, offered by private companies behind the firewall or cloud-sourced solutions like SAP® Business ByDesign™, make it simple to access your business applications—even virtual meeting tools—from anywhere.

3. Add Web to Your Conference Calls.

93% of communication is non-verbal, so if you’re still opting for audio-only calls on the road, your meeting doesn’t have a chance to be “crazy good.” Add a web element to your conference calls, such as a visual audio conferencing app or app-based web conferencing, to maximize the experience through 100% verbal and non-verbal communication. Take it to the “crazy good” stage by adding webcam video, file sharing and chat for a face-to-face collaboration experience.

4. Sync into Online Community Support.

The life of a road warrior or telecommuter can get a little crazy, so utilize internal corporate communities to connect between meetings and keep the ball rolling even when you’re on the road. This great (and free) eBook offers some great insights from social software company Jive Software® about the power of communities for collaborating with colleagues in both real- and near-time.

5. Demand More Capabilities in Your Work Applications.

The days of one software tool only doing one thing is long gone. Because we’re constantly on the go, constantly doing more work in less time, it’s vital that our tools are multipurpose to improve our productivity. The same runs so true for meetings, as the average business professional attends over 60 meetings per month. Opt for software that lets you get more done in the meeting so, ultimately, you have fewer meetings: note-taking, recording, minutes, document collaboration, Microsoft Office® Outlook™ toolbars for scheduling and more. Try GlobalMeet or iMeet by PGi as great options.

What tools do you use to have crazy good (and crazy productive) meetings when working from home, coworking or on the road?

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