Infographic: 4 Rules of Effective Remote Working

We spotted this simple infographic that we thought was worth sharing – 4 rules to live or, rather, work by for effective remote collaboration.

  • Know your time zones. If working with team members in other parts of the world, learn how to calculate their time zones (or use a tool like World Time Buddy), so you can properly schedule virtual meetings or collaborate in real time, if necessary.
  • Use the right technology. When working remotely, there’s no such thing as ‘over-sharing’. Keep in touch with updates on what you’re working on and what you’ve achieved. We use Skype, Google Drive and Docs and Basecamp.
  • Have face-time. If you can, it’s worth getting together face-to-face with your stakeholders and colleagues – even if just for a drink or a social get-together. If not, organise a video conference, so people can see you! Here are some tips.
  • Self-discipline. Working remotely, outside of the traditional bricks-and-mortar office, can be a challenge for many people, if not most. Maximise mobile workers’ potential by mentoring them until they get the hang of working remotely.
Effective Remote Working
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