Key to a fully-charged mobile working day

There are more ‘devices’ on my keyring than keys.

Is it just me? Or does your iPhone struggle to get through the day on a single charge?

I foolishly left the house the other day, without my laptop, but with an iPhone, half-charged. I was in the middle of a text conversation that needed a response when my phone died on me. So, I spent the next 30 minutes asking in coffee shops if anybody could help me charge my phone. This is how those conversations went:

“Unusual request, but could I charge my phone here, while I have a coffee?”
“Sure, you can plug your charger in over there.”
“Oh, actually – I don’t have my charger. Do you have one for an iPhone 5?”
“I’ve got this one?” They say, as they hand me an iPhone 4 charger.

So, I’ve dead phone and no charger (which is new English for up a creek without a paddle), and a determination to never let this happen again.

When I finally did get a charge, I ordered two things:

  • Morphie powerstation
    A pocket-sized charging brick that can charge your iPhone up to four times, before needing a recharge itself. In fact, it charges anything that charges over a USB connection.
  • Bluelounge Kii
    So I don’t have to remember to carry a charging cable with me, the Kii is a USB to iPhone connector that hangs from my keyring. It connects to the the powerstation or my computer for sync or charge – and it’s always on me.

And I’ve never been caught out with a flat iPhone battery since! For iPhone battery-saving advice, check out this post: Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast? Here’s The iPhone Battery Fix! (Thanks Ruth Morgan for the tip!)

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