The perfect match: coworking spaces and digital nomads
by leagreen

The life of a digital nomad can be exhausting. Perpetual jetlag. Living out of a suitcase. Lack of a professional community. The endless hunt for reliable, free Wi-Fi and coffee that doesn’t taste like boiled shoe leather. But there is hope. Because they offer fellowship, kindle new network connections, and provide a forum for feedback and the exchange of ideas and perspectives, coworking spaces offer digital nomads a unique and empowering professional haven during their travels.

Coworking spaces meet the need for a space

Even the most footloose and fancy-free digital nomad needs a “home” now and then, and coworking spaces meet that need. Offering cubicles, open tables and private conference rooms (all for a fee), these unique work spaces provide a remote base where road warriors can perform business in a professional setting, conduct their daily work and, when necessary, hold high-pressure conference calls without distracting background noise.

Coworking spaces create fellowship

As previously mentioned , coworking spaces encourage like-minded entrepreneurs and other professionals to brainstorm ideas and seek real-time feedback on one another’s work. Unlike the home office where such matters are beyond their control, a coworking space gives digital nomads the liberty to observe and establish relationships with individuals before deciding if they want to work with them. Freed from the circumstantial and largely unavoidable corporate associations, the digital nomad is at liberty to seek out others whose work and feedback he or she respects. For the globetrotting professional, being able to select professional colleagues based on esteem, interpersonal chemistry, talent and objectivity is a notable advantage of coworking space.

Coworking spaces offer technology beyond your mobile device

For digital nomads, mobile devices provide essential lifelines to professional and personal contacts. Although smartphones, tablets and laptops keep work processes and projects running smoothly while on the road, nomads still need to print and fax documents like the rest of us. Coworking spaces provide a simple go-to solution as more advanced, less portable technology emerges.

Coworking spaces help recharge and rejuvenate

Simply put, coworking spaces offer a clean, well-lit space for harried digital nomads seeking relief from the cluttered chaos of airport terminals, noisy cafes, or dingy hotel rooms. In addition to providing a welcome change from the inconvenience and isolation that comes with working and traveling alone, coworking lends itself to creativity and motivation. Surrounded by like-minded, similarly dislocated professionals, digital nomads can find the grounding, support and camaraderie of a community that—for a brief while—provides a sense of connection and professional brotherhood, of belonging and being part of a whole. Associations and interactions that digital nomads experience within a coworking environment—however fleeting they may be—provide much-needed support and socialization that office-bound workers take for granted.  Not surprisingly, by aligning themselves with local coworking environments, nomads usually realise productivity and motivation rates that surpass those during periods of isolation.

Coworking spaces provide global networking opportunities

Beyond the immediate benefits of a productive work environment, much-needed interactions with professional and social communities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, coworking spaces expand already existing networks and provide global associations impossible when confined to a central location. By meeting contacts or sales prospects in coworking spaces rather than back-home bars or restaurants, a digital nomad can realize a significant growth in professional interactions access to new personal and professional worlds.

As J.R.R. Tolkien so aptly put it, “Not all those who wander are lost.” While professionals whose work takes them far beyond the office walls—traveling to strange cities and living out of their suitcases—must endure understandable hardships and separations, those who take advantage of coworking spaces along the way have distinct advantages over their office-bound colleagues. It’s a brave life, one that has a unique yet compelling appeal. Nevertheless, even nomads must set up camp now and then, assess their progress, get their bearings and establish connections. For today’s digital nomads, there’s no better stop along the way than an inviting coworking space.

Photo Credit: Sergiu Bacioiu via Compfight cc

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