WorkSnug Coffee Shop Code of Conduct

So, you’re a laptop-toting, wifi-hopping, coffee sipping mobile worker. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And it is, for the most part. But, like everything, there’s a downside. Especially if you spend any amount of time working in public workspaces, like coffee shops.

If only there was some sort of ‘Code of Conduct’ that mobile workers could refer to and help make the mobile working experience better for everybody…

Well, there is – and you helped write it! We received over 6,000 votes for the suggestions you thought should make it into the Code. And we present it to you today, as a handy, print-out-and-keep infographic. Download it, share it, treasure it.

WorkSnug Code of Conduct

Special thanks to Plantronics and Nokia for supporting the WorkSnug Coffee Shop Code of Conduct (and for offering up prizes to the authors of the top 10 suggestions).

And thanks, of course, to you – the long-suffering mobile workers who contributed to the Code by submitting suggestions and voting on your favourites.

Hey, what did we miss? Let us know, in the comments.

Photo credit: mag3737

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