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100 Middlesex Street
E1 7HD


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San Sharma almost 7 years ago

Agree with Ann - Tinderbox is an excellent space for mobile workers, certainly in it's architecture. However, staff explained to me this afternoon that wifi provision here is best suited for quick stops, rather than long stays, which is a shame. Plenty of wall sockets and space, and those great booths for laptop workers, but wifi at £3 per hour? Also, it didn't actually work when I tried it! Going to give it another chance, because it is a cool space. But it could be better!

First Word @ Worksnug almost 7 years ago

annlytical said: With this second store, one of London's best coffeeshop workplaces expands its reach. Tinderbox knows its mobile pro clientele: excellent power provision, unobtrusive staff, and truly one of the best coffee places in London (not just the City). They have duplicated the 'upstairs' laptop bar, but done it with booths this time so maybe mobile pros will talk to each other! They have also duplicated 'private' conversation space. Tinderbox is as close as I've seen to a coffee shop brand specifically for mobile pros. Some food, cakes generally too sweet. Only gripe to be had is that wifi isn't free, but at the same time Tinderbox customers tend to be regulars so the subscription (affordable, Polkaspots) I mean honestly is it too much to ask? (especially for the really good coffee?) This second store is an exciting addition. Hope to see more in the future.

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