Bullet Coffee House Cafes & Coffee Shops

38 Robertson Street
TN34 1HT

Telephone: +44(0)1424 717477

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San Sharma almost 7 years ago

Okay, feel like I should amend my original review a little bit! The owner, who is lovely, just came down to see if I was okay, said it was quieter upstairs, would I like to come up? Much nicer up here - and she's even put in a multiplug for me (which is against the windowless wall, by the way). Internet's much quicker upstairs too - just done another connection test and got the green light. Owner also noted that the cafe is vegetarian, women and gay friendly.

San Sharma almost 7 years ago

First Word @ Worksnug almost 7 years ago

san_sharma said: Relaxed, friendly cafe on a street with less than friendly looking Yates's and Weatherspoons! Free BT Business broadband that's a little bit patchy, but that may be because I'm in the basement. About that: It's lovely upstairs, but there's poor power provision, so the owner said I could work downstairs. Now, I don't know if the downstairs area is for the public, because a) it's gross, and b) it smells of cooking. So, if you're running low on juice, bear that in mind! And maybe bring a peg for your nose.

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