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San Sharma over 5 years ago

There's a lot going for this place - not least the free wi-fi and tremendous coffee. However, I had to send in a review today, after my first visit: I ran into a friend who warned me against bringing my laptop in. She said they'd been a number of raids - motorcyclists with their helmets on, bursting into the cafe and snatching laptops before riding off. Scary, right?! Sure enough, there's a sign on the door, warning about this kind of activity. It's a real shame, as it's a really nice cafe, in what seems like a nice neighbourhood. But probably not the safest place for a mobile worker.

First Word @ Worksnug almost 7 years ago

Best coffee in London. Nice place too: cool, trendy, friendly, not much space though.

almost 7 years ago

There are very few places in London that serve coffee this good in such a cosy environment. Note that laptops are discouraged on weekends.

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