Google Campus Cafes & Coffee Shops

4-5 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4BX


  • Free WiFi
  • Formal Meeting Areas


San Sharma over 6 years ago

Campus is an ambitious co-working and community project in the heart of East London's 'Tech City' (sometimes, and affectionately, called 'Silicon Roundabout' - referring to Old Street Roundabout, which is nearby). It's powered by Google, Seedcamp, TechHub and Central. TechHub have the 'Campus resident' co-working space on the first and second floor - and that's a paid membership scheme. But you can work for free at the café in the basement. That's run by Bloomsbury co-working space Central. I tried it out this afternoon, and - you know what? - it's pretty good! Really fast wi-fi (download and upload), locally and ethically-sourced refreshments and, especially for WorkSnuggers, plenty of power sockets. Also, everyone's working here, so you won't feel bad about setting up with your laptop for the day. Even though it's in the basement, there's plenty of naturally light, thanks to the adjacent courtyard. While you're here, check out TechHub's new coworking space, but when the Café's this good, it's hard to justify the price of admission.

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