Impact Hub Praha Coworking / Shared Office

Drtinova 10

Telephone: +420 734 746 923

  • Free WiFi


Honza Slavík over 4 years ago

The Hub is an inspirational place suitable for almost any occasion, from small meetings to large conferences. The bright industrial space creates a unique work ambience. We have a comfortable chair, a desk, Wi-Fi, a printer and even a coffee ready for you in a modern environment where you will find yourself surrounded by a pleasant company of active people. You can take advantage of all of this with a flexible monthly membership. Become a part of a community that can advance your project further, take advantage of valuable contacts, get inspired by different viewpoints and benefit from professional advice – at the Hub itself and through an extensive network of other Hubs all over the world. So do we, and that’s why we organize and host so many. Visit the Hub to learn something new, present your project or just have some fun. There is something great happening every single week.

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