La Casa Musicale Libraries

20220 Pigna Corsica France

Telephone: 04 95 61 76 57

  • Free WiFi


yuba13 dhakal over 6 years ago

First Word @ Worksnug over 6 years ago

leylandrichard said: Is it OK for WorkSnug's founder to review a workspace from his honeymoon? Leaving that question to hang in the air, I'll tell you about truly the greatest place I've ever laid my laptop. Casa Musicale is a rustic old hotel and restaurant on the top of a mountain in the West of Corsica. The staff are lovely, the views are stunning, the WiFi is fast and the wild kittens provide the entertainment. We've just extended our stay by another day, as we know we won't find better. If you're on holiday on Corsica (and I why wouldn't you be?) this is the place to work.

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