Starbucks - Woolwich Powis Street (32) Cafe chains

32 Powis Street
SE18 6LF


  • Free WiFi


Kwesi Raphael over 5 years ago

Sorry to disagree Richard but I find this to be a very friendly Starbucks. The start are nice and helpful and on all the occasions I've been the other patrons have been pleasant and sometimes chatty. You do need to choose your seat wisely if power is an issue and house levels will vary through out the day. Have Sat here working for a 4 hour stretch before so I've run the full gamut and it's not a bad location at all. As always with coffee shops though, phone calls are not great here: there'll always be background noise that you've tuned out. The views of the sometimes bustling street outside are quite nice too.

Richard Leyland over 6 years ago

A real Woolwich experience, this. Sat here on my laptop for an hour and had a minor spat with a guy abusing the lady next to me (because she sat NEXT TO to the seat he'd reserved with his coat) and had a troubled looking woman try to borrow my phone. The WiFi is free if you have a Starbucks card, and the coffee is at least predictable, but it's pretty difficult to recommend this place.

Audrey Galibert almost 7 years ago

The power provision in this Starbucks isn't very good, although the sofa seats are very comfortable! The noise level is acceptable in the morning but quickly feels too noisy to call anyone in the afternoons as it becomes very crowded.

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