Our Ten Principles

WorkSnug has adopted ten principles. These govern what we’re trying to achieve and how we’ll behave as we do that. These principles are:

1. We’re useful

WorkSnug offers useful tools that connect the growing army of mobile workers to the nearest and best places to work in cities. In doing so we’ll work to stimulate connections between mobile workers. We’ll continue to innovate, while never losing sight of this core role: To serve the community of mobile workers.

2. We’re a community

WorkSnug visits and rates workspaces in cities. We do this, and our community helps us. We encourage our community to mould the tools in order to meet their needs, we moderate their input with a light hand and we understand that we have much to learn from those using our tools in the real world.

3. We’re a business

Our tools are free to use and will remain free. In order to build a sustainable community around a set of web and mobile tools, we require a commercial model. WorkSnug’s principal means of revenue are commercial sponsorship and advertising. We won’t take on a commercial partner who compromises the neutrality of our workspace review system, and in a community versus business dilemma, we’ll come down on the side of the community.

4. We’re human

And we don’t mind you knowing it. As a community tool, you’ll be hearing a lot from us, via our own site and various social networks. We’ll speak in a human voice, sharing successes, acknowledging mistakes, engaging in online discussion and complaining about bad coffee. If we mess up, we’d like you to tell us about it.

5. We see and promote a new kind of work

For knowledge workers, work is no longer a place you go, but a thing you do. We believe that this has the potential to improve the working experience for millions around the globe and demands a whole new work philosophy, something along these lines.

6. We’re trying to reduce business travel

We share the broad scientific consensus that human activity is causing the climate to change, and that the effects could be catastrophic. Business travel is part of the problem. The need to reduce business travel is one reason that we exist and is a key element of our future plans.

7. As a business, we don’t fly

Never say never, but in running our business we radically discourage flying. This means we make heavy use of conferencing technology, train journeys and local freelance talent in the areas that we cover. We’re not telling you how to conduct your business, but we hope to provide a model for a new kind of multinational business and working ethic.

8. We protect user privacy

We have a strict privacy policy in place. Registering with us, either directly or through your favoured social network, gives us your contact details. When you register with us through a social network, we’d love you to share your WorkSnug activities within your network, that’s one way we grow, but it’s an opt-in choice. You the user will determine your level of engagement and sharing.

9. We’re in the real world

There are almost one billion mobile workers in the world, but a similar number working for less than a dollar a day. We believe that there are pressing economic, social and environmental issues in the world, from which our business cannot be isolated. We may forge partnerships, with charities, social enterprises and campaigning organisations, which we judge are working towards a sustainable and fairer world.

10. We haven’t got a tenth principle

We’re a rapidly growing start-up and will probably discover a new principle as we go along. We’ll revisit these principles from time to time and we’re glad to receive your feedback and suggestions.