How many coworking spaces are there in London?

As a global centre of business, London is a city that is leading the world when it comes to coworking spaces. Along with New York, London is one of the great pioneers at the forefront of the worldwide shift to coworking. As of 2019, the UK capital was home to a whopping 1423 coworking spaces … Read more

Home workers struggling with “work-life blur”

Coronavirus has turned homeworking into the new normal, but boundaries between our personal and professional lives are beginning to erode, and mental health of staff is being affected. “At the start of lockdown we were running on adrenaline – but now we are being expected to work, play, sleep and live from the same room … Read more

What should a co-working space have?

Co-working spaces can be great for freelancers and small start-ups, and they almost always have a really upbeat and positive vibe to them. They also need a few essentials if they’re going to succeed and be an enjoyable space to work in. So what should your co-working space have? A few ground rules Let’s get … Read more